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    Takashi Hirose vs. Shunichi Yamashita

    As you all know, there was a huge earthquake on March 11, and the nuclear accident began that day. On March 20, Fukushima prefecture welcomed a person called Shunichi Yamashita from Nagasaki University as a Radiation Health Risk Management Advisor. The next day Yamashita began a campaign to “declare safety.” Then in April, Kenji Kamiya from Hiroshima University and Noboru Takamura from Hiroshima University joined him as Radiation Health Risk Management Advisors. These three men kept repeating that radiation levels less than 100 mSv were safe, forcing children to be exposed to radiation. They have been criticized by the whole nation about this, and I would really like to clarify if this is a crime or not.

    This is a story I heard the other day. In Fukushima prefecture, fathers and mothers who have higher awareness about radiation would tell their children, “Don’t eat shiitake mushrooms or bamboo shoots if they are in your school lunches.” If the children put those things aside from their plates, teachers would come over and say, “Eat them!” and they force the children to eat them. Is this scary or what, everyone?

    See?! Something terrible like this is happening in Japan now. Okay? What the heck are we going to do about this? It’s Yamashita that’s making this happen!! They are in the background. Like someone said earlier, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is in the background and that’s why this is happening. Why in the world are Japanese people letting this happen?! They are all killing children. This is inexcusable.

    Question: Excuse me, but all that the newspaper talks about is cesium in terms of radioisotopes. I kind of think the scariest one is plutonium. For instance, health damages in Iraq from depleted uranium bombs are mostly from alpha rays, and plutonium is also an alpha emitter. How do you feel about this?

    I think what’s scarier than plutonium now is strontium. There was about the same amount of strontium as cesium inside the nuclear reactor. The fact it hasn’t been discussed is just that it hasn’t been tested. Especially the amount that is going into the ocean has to be tremendous. In a way, I myself have no idea what is contaminating what at this point. When it comes to fish, fish from Fukushima have been circulated all over Japan. I really realized this when I went to Fukushima this time. Such contaminated fish are being shipped to Kyushu. People are buying them in Kyushu and who knows where else, and people in western Japan are eating them thinking they are safe. So, to be honest with you, I don’t have a good idea about what’s really going on. All I can say is that we might be existing, without much awareness, hoping everything is and will be okay. In reality. This is what’s happening now.

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